Zoom leading 2020 know-how, many thanks to COVID and will need for movie meetings

Feel about it. Sure, you spent hours with your Apple iphone or Galaxy, played a good deal of Fortnite perhaps and you can expect to in no way overlook looking at “Ponder Female 1984” or “Soul” on a large display screen Tv at home for Christmas Day. But if there was any technology you truly place in the numerous hrs with, nicely, it was a 4 letter word, suitable?


You schooled from house and worked at household, thanks to Zoom – the most downloaded Apple app of the calendar year, and the 1 that truly improved our lives in 2020.

Envision if the pandemic had happened 20 years ago. What would we have done then? Zoom saved our hides.

“Zoom is the poster baby for 2020,” says Dan Ives, an analyst with Wedbush Securities. “Most consumers around the earth final yr experienced hardly ever even heard of Zoom. Now it is really as important as meals and water.”

That may be a slight exaggeration, but after all the Xmas and Thanksgiving Zoom relatives get-togethers and everybody setting up to return to do the job future 7 days in, where by else, a Zoom assembly, Ives isn’t that far off.